About Me

Hi! I’m the founder and owner of Eurockk.com, Thanks for stopping by.

I grew up in a small town in Lebanon, a country where fashion runs in everyone’s blood.. Not sure how or why but we live it, breath it and survive on it every day!  My family owned an upscale fashion business which required us to travel often to the major European fashion capitals, Paris, Milano, Madrid, London, etc.. I watched multiple runway shows every year hope that I will grow up to do this as part of my career one day.

My academic dream took me into becoming an engineer which I practiced for 20 years once I relocated to the USA after getting married. I however, always felt that I will have another career, one that indulges in fashion and travel, specifically European fashion which always captured my heart.

It is time for the second phase of my life journey, one where I embrace what I always loved.. Fashion!

I started Eurockk.com, an online upscale e-boutique, geared at bringing to the world the European fashion which has a lot to offer..