Fashion is my passion!

Hello everyone!

This will be my first blog.. Wanted to share with the world my passion for travel and fashion in general,  and specifically, European fashion!

I started, an online upscale e-boutique, geared at bringing to the world the European fashion which has a lot to offer..We all know of the big names in European fashion, The grand designers we all love and admire and even follow every season.. Travelling often to Europe reveals a very interesting point. There are a lot of designers in Europe who are not or not yet among the big stars, but have a lot to be proud of, beautiful designs, eclectic sense of style and very original collections every season.

I travel multiple times a year to the fashion weeks in some of the major fashion capitals in Europe. Paris, Milan, and this year will be including Germany and London. I attend runway shows, fashion exhibitions, visit factories and go on discovering local favorites.. There is so much in Europe to bring to the fashion addicts around the world and I am doing just that!!

What I learned along the years is, fashion is how you see yourself.. You show it the way you feel it! So Live it up, indulge,embrace your fashionable YOU!

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