Price tag and fashion sense…. Are they interlinked?

In my opinion… They are not! You can make a gorgeous outfit with very little investment or even using few pieces from your closet, a new piece you just bought and maybe a colorful set of heels you never thought you will get to wear again!

It is the sense of fashion and the real definition of its main element: personality. My husband always told me,

“……if you do not feel good wearing it, it will show, it will not look good!”

So you need to start by identifying who you are as a person, what are you expressing today through your cloths? Comfort, peace, beauty, freshness, happiness…. Then create that look using your pieces, an accenting top or skirt or even a dress that you just bought.. Just make it unique! No one should look like you, even wearing the same cloths!!!

I see people here and there at the malls or the street, walking with head to toe outfits, all in logos but no theme. I guess the only theme is the logo implying how much she paid for it. To me, it never captures my attention as this is not fashion.  I would always add a scarf, a pin, a small vest, a choker, a  funky pair of shoes and bag, or anything that says, although the dress is from xxx designer which you can buy, this is my look, my personality that is totally MINE!

That is my sense of fashion! What is yours?

Hello fashion world!

Hello Fashion World!

Emerging designers in Europe are in my opinion a huge treasure to discover. They are often hidden in their specific local towns, counties or countries without getting a big chance to go out to the world and get really famous!

I travel to Europe and attend the European major fashion weeks few times a year, to have a hands on experience of watching the collections of the emerging designers. Some of them are very promising by the way, and this was proven in the repeat award nomination and designations by the fashion academies, the European fashion magazines, and the reaction of the random customer and fashion enthusiasts browsing the new season fashion shows!

My project is now a year old with becoming my new baby! I just came back from Paris and Milano Fashion Weeks and there  was so much to see and do!

Aside from the way people dress, in the streets, restaurants, theaters, fashion events or simply to the market, I was very fortunate to attend many fashion shows and runway events.

We hand selected many pieces from each very impressive designer and made them available worldwide.

Few designers caught my eyes.. With passion.. Carlos Gil , From Portugal, Dora Abodi from Hungary,  and Freeda from Italy, and Monaco from France.

Bags are not any less important than the apparel collections! “Made in ITALY” has always been a well respected tag, and for the bag-lovers out there on a limited budget, these are the best value.

From Lara Bellini, to Kilesa to Laurafed clutches, our bags were hand selected one by one. Shortly after the fashion weeks in Milano,  Italian fashion magazines, featured many of these bags in their seasonal publication and some made it to multiple venues with a bang!

What is obvious in Paris and Milan fashion weeks, is that your personality HAS to be part of your wardrobe! The same outfit looks amazing on one person and barely is noticeable on another..

So don’t be shy, don’t hesitate, find out who you are! Speak it! Wear it! Eat it! This is what life is all about!!

Eurockk ! Because You Rock!!